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The church at "the land" in Gonaives.  Ask Silentor about the story of the starfish...The beautiful view from the top of the roof of the unfinished Etoile school.A view of the church.  A great community of believers are assembling daily!Le Boise, the Principal of the school, welcoming friends, Zeke and Baby.A beautiful young woman who is part of the Etoile community.We loved their smiles and joy.Tim, Taylor, Silentor and Charlie waiting for the soccer exhibition to start.Charlie, Martha  and Silentor chatting about the good work being done at the Etoile community.The tiny soccer goal areaTheir fieldThe Etoile Community provides a soccer program for young youth as well as so many other activities!What a privilege to watch these young men play.  Some with sandals on...They were good.  They looked like they were having a good time.  We were..IMG_3112IMG_3128IMG_3130There are those contagious smiles again!...and again...IMG_3201IMG_3210