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The children of Haiti had beautiful eyes and smiles. They would run out of the alleys and gates to greet us.What a sophisticated it!This was the doorway in a church in PignonLook at those eyes!Zeke's wife's family sorting coffee beans for Pella Coffee CompanyAnother beautiful child.A welcome site for an Iowan....they were drying the corn on the road.A recipient of Lori's colorful clothing for the little girls.A quick visit to the river before a storm.She loved the band and smiled the whole time.You'll find many gates in Pignon.Love this smile!The gate to the Compound in Pignon.The man drying the corn.One of our many pets on the Compound....noisy but beautiful.This lady loved to look at her photo on the camera.Our first bible we see in Pignon.We had the honor of presenting a P.E.T. to a child.He got the hang of it right away.Thanks to another thoughtful family.