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I will go...with sunscreen and water in the back of a truck!Martha and Charlie learning MH4H's involvment with the hospital in PIgnon.Martha and Charlie enjoying the new sights, smells and sounds of Pignon.Our practice time turned quickly into a concert of PRAISE!Tim, Many Hand's leader, on the roof, turned balcony, of a church.Our first concert in Pignon.A ladies group that performed at the concert.  We danced and sang with them.We loved that we were just a part of the concert.A familiar Bible for us found at the church.Putting our first day's experience in Haiti into words was challenging.Hopefully the makings of a new song are somewhere in these markings.We traveled the passage ways of Pignon. They led us through gate after gate. Smile after smile.Martha cuddling with one of many darling children we met on our journey.Charlie with Fransley grasping the essence of Pignon.  It's people and possibilities.Just the beginning of a long trek to water.  It was steep and dangerous.Some locals waiting for us at the Pella Christian school in Bay SavenetteA concert of riotous praise in the rain.  Light made possible by headlights and flashlights.Gates became a theme in Haiti.This gate was the entrance to a peaceful church on our way to GonaivesInside the church we found they faced their speakers out the windows to draw the crowds to Jesus.Soaking in the information Silentor was giving on the roof of the school in Gonaives